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Our plastic oceans Science Education and the Environment New
Our plastic oceans | Science Education and the Environment | New Zealand Science Teacher
Newly-evolved microbes may be breaking down ocean plastics
Plastic in the oceans is a growing problem. And it's not just ugly: Plastic
Discarded fishing net in the Pacific
5 Innovations Saving Oceans From Plastic Pollution
Science reporter Victoria Gill looks at why there is so much plastic on beaches
The amount of plastic in the ocean is estimated to be roughly 250,000 square miles which
Can you spot ocean plastic from space?
This Book Stinks_Ocean Trash.ngsversion.1498064510044.jpg
The environmentThe known unknowns of plastic pollution
The number of plastic bags on the seabed has fallen in recent years according to a
Floating islands: Plastic litter is proving lethal to marine creatures © Getty
A simulation of the floating screens to be deployed by Ocean Cleanup to capture small plastic
Plastic on Ivory Coast beach
8 steps to solve the ocean's plastic problem
Microbeads Face to Fish Environmental Science, Be A Nice Human, Nature Adventure, Zero
The plastic plague: Can our oceans be saved from environmental ruin?
Recycling Technologies - Innovative Solutions for End-of-Life Plastic
Plastic pollution
Plastics in oceans are mounting, but evidence on harm is surprisingly weak
What is the impact of our plastic use on the ocean's animal life? A new infographic from Project AWARE sheds a bit of light on the sheer scale of the ...
Plastic pollution is overtaking Earth's oceans — Can the crisis be reversed?
In our new war against ocean plastics - we have international law on our side
Biodegradable plastic 'false solution' for ocean waste problem
On Location in 'A Plastic Ocean'
Cleaning up the oceans is no solution to our plastic problem
A massive plastic cleanup project provokes hope and skepticism
A giant build-up of plastic was captured by underwater photographer Caroline Power
Key Facts About Plastic Pollution
Plastic litters a beach at Wenchang in Hainan. Photo: China Foto Press
Ocean Plastics
Every minute, one garbage truck of plastic is dumped into our oceans. This has to stop | World Economic Forum
National Geographic Launches "Planet or Plastic?" Initiative | Plastic Oceans International
Why is plastic bad for the environment and how much is in the ocean?
Luckily, there are a number of non-profit marine conservation organisations across the world working to save our oceans, on behalf of all of us.
Bottles, bags, ropes and toothbrushes: the struggle to track ocean plastics : Nature News & Comment
A Huge, Floating Screen Will Sift Plastic out of the Ocean
a computer generated image of what the Ocean Cleanup system will look like floating in the
The problem with plastic
Pioneering sea-cleaning system hits snag but Ocean Cleanup team vows to fix problem
Plastic trash on Kamilo Beach
Plastic in ocean
Stemming the Plastic Tide: 10 Rivers Contribute Most of the Plastic in the Oceans
Plastic Bag Statue
Plastic bottle on beach
Washed Ashore plastic sculpture
Ocean Plastics
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Freeing the ocean from garbage
Plastic bottles
What if we could put our plastic trash to good use?
How ocean pollution affects humans [Video + Infographic]
Marine debris accumulation
Lesson Overview
It's great that Blue Planet II is pushing hard on plastic pollution in the oceans – but please use facts, not conjecture
Cleaning up the plastic in the ocean
A shallow-water Free Ocean CO2 Enrichment (FOCE) system in place near Hopkins Marine Station. Photo courtesy MBARI.
Drinking straw ocean plastics disability
We need to do for plastics what climate scientists are doing in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) - regular large-scale assessments of ...
Volunteers cleaning general plastic waste along the shore in the Philippines, which is behind only
Image: Ellen MacArthur Foundation
Plastic on Blue Planet II BBC
Help build a clean future
We also support innovative 'natural capital' research which reduces impacts, for example using natural wetlands to stop plastics reaching the ocean.
Ocean Detectives: Tracking Plastics in Our Marine Environment
photo from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Steven Guerrisi
Two proposals to clean up our oceans of garbage: Will either work?
UN resolves to end ocean plastic waste
The missing science: Could our addiction to plastic be poisoning us?
How Does Your Plastic Bag Get Into the Ocean?
Make a change this World Oceans Day: #MyPlasticPledge
U.S. Plastic Recycling Rate Projected to Drop to 4.4% in 2018 — Plastic Pollution Coalition
Plastic bottles and other marine debris cover a rocky beach in Curacao.